Family Counseling

Could you benefit from family counseling?

Families are the foundation of society, yet they can crumble when healthy strategies are not utilized to tackle problems.

Maybe questions like this come up in your home:

  • ‘Why does my sibling always get on my nerves?’
  • ‘Why does my child respond in that way?’ ‘Why can’t everyone do their part in keeping things going?’
  • ‘Why does my teen have a hard time getting off video games?’
  • ‘Why can’t my kids get along?’
  • ‘Why doesn’t my teen talk to me?’

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My Approach to Family Therapy:

I can provide family therapy from the first session, or integrate it into someone’s individual therapy when they are ready. I can provide healthy strategies for handling family conflicts. Families can be a challenging mix of ages, abilities, personalities, interests, occupations, and aspirations.

Developing a greater understanding of why different people in your family approach problems in different ways is part of what you can gain in therapy. Learning how to relate to one another in a healthy way can be difficult! I am here to teach your family how to communicate with each other so that you can love and appreciate each other more.