Managing Your Screen Time

I am certified in Technology Addiction and Digital Health through the NIDHW

Getting free from the grips of screens and re-connecting with people around you is possible. Higher grades, an increased ability to focus, and higher productivity is within your reach.

I will help you create a plan to get back the life and the relationships that you want.

Our human brains are simply enticed by modern technology. But, freeing yourself or your child from the lure of technology and forming rewarding connections with people is possible. Improvement in grades, ability to focus, and general productivity are within your reach.

I specialize in helping teens and adults overcome the ‘modern life challenge’ of managing the use of technology. 

Video games and social media are swallowing our important face-to-face connections, let’s do something about it! This addiction is so new, people don’t know what to call it. Social media addiction, gaming addiction, smartphone addiction, digital addiction, it’s all bad! 

The book ‘The Anxious Generation’ by Jonathan Haidt has become a top seller on Amazon and near the top of The New York Times bestseller list. There’s a reason for that! I don’t want to be coming up behind the tragedies of families falling apart due to digital addiction, I want to help prevent it and treat it. Give me a call today and we’ll discuss how I can help you and your family. 


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