Counseling for Teens

What's up, Teenager?

Hey, so you think you want to try therapy? That’s awesome! I have done a lot of counseling with teenagers, helping them with all the mixed emotions that go on in their lives. I’ve heard lots of stories. Mostly, therapy isn’t what you think it is. I’m here to relate to what you think is important and see how I can help you. I think it’s so fun to help teens figure out how to handle their crazy lives.

I bet sometimes you get frustrated with your parents, teachers, friends, or siblings. It’s a lot to handle, especially with all the schoolwork you have to do, too! 

Juggling all this in a busy life can bring on the pressure you feel. If you have tried and almost given up on telling people your thoughts and feelings because it’s too hard, I can help you express your thoughts and feelings to people in a way that brings relief.

Did your mom or dad show you my website? If they call me, I will ask to talk to you for a minute on the phone. YOUR thoughts and questions are important to me!

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