Counseling for Teens

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Teens have a tough road to navigate these days. Their brains are still developing and they are always learning new information. They are constantly connected to the world through their phones and are exposed to concepts and content that you never dreamed of when you—their parent—, were growing up. Temptations are everywhere.

Hormones and emotions might be hard for them to manage. Through my years of experience I have learned how to connect with their feelings, which may change often. Helping them handle difficult emotions by teaching them to express their emotions in a healthy way is part of what I do. It can be difficult for teens to understand ‘how things work’ in the adult world. Dealing with new scenarios in a mature way is one of many benefits of therapy. Occasionally teens have a difficult time understanding how to relate to adults and therapy can help them gain the skills necessary for success in that area.

Teens have a voice and they want to feel heard and understood. This can manifest in two ways. They may come to you daily and it may be a struggle for you to spend the time and emotional energy that they currently need. I can be an asset in that area, providing another mature ear and voice for them to connect with.

Or, they may not be telling you the deep struggles that are in their hearts, confiding in their friends instead. Friends are a vital part of every teen’s life; they just don’t make the best ‘life guides.’

Ideally your teen should have you as their closest confidant, not their friends. In that case, my role in therapy is to encourage your teen to confide in you. This is important, as you are the one who is most invested in their well-being. Their goals for their lives may be different from your goals for them, and I can assist with working through those differences.

The skills that your teen will learn in therapy will benefit them throughout their lives, especially in difficult situations. I am available for sessions with you and their siblings as well. When you give me a call, have your teen nearby so I can talk to them too! I will want to spend time talking to your teen on the phone to answer their questions about therapy.

Please share this page with your teen if they’d like more information about counseling.