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LifeWalk Professional Counseling, LLC

Phone: 501-547-1347
Address: 320 Ouachita Ave., Suite 214 Hot Springs, AR 71901
Email: Please do not use email to reach out to me for initial inquiries about counseling.

​My office is located above the Colorado Grill. Turn on Hickory to access parking. Enter the elevator from the outdoors and go to the 2nd floor.

Prioritizing Your Well Being


Sessions are $70. I offer a limited number of lower-fee sessions. I am an Out-Of-Network provider with Blue Cross Blue Shield and can help you file for reimbursement. I can also work with HSA accounts for payment.

Insurance: Insurance companies dictate that I can only see you for a pre-determined number of sessions. You may or may not have completed your counseling goals before then. Insurance companies require that I diagnose you with a metal disorder that stays in your medical record. Many people that come to me for counseling do not fit into a diagnostic category and still are truly needing counseling services.

What are the long-term benefits of therapy? The tools that you learn in therapy will always remain in your mind and heart and you can continue to use them for the rest of your life. There may be something in your past that is really distressing you, and once you have worked through it in therapy, it will never ‘haunt’ you to the extent it did before. The relationship skills that you learn in therapy can be applied to any type of relationship.