You can benefit from therapy if:

Your efforts to communicate your emotions, needs, and wants, end up in additional conflict. Do you get angry with yourself? Have you been snapping at your family members, friends or co-workers? Are you feeling like you have lost the ability to connect with friends in a meaningful and encouraging way? Perhaps you keep blocking your emotions from coming out because they are too scary to deal with.

You might think other adults ‘have it together’ and you just keep making mistakes that leave you feeling guilty. Do you feel overwhelmed when you think about your mental ‘to-do’ list? Is your quality of sleep not what it should be? When you sit down to relax does your mind keep running? Are your hands shaky?   

 You might be a young adult who doesn’t know how to handle your new stage of life or the big decisions that come with it. Navigating through obstacles that keep you from finding and following a ‘life path’ that is fulfilling is part of what we can do together during sessions.  

Maybe you have lost the strength to keep trying to improve your life. You just can’t see the way out of the horrible situation you find yourself in. You don’t have the support that you need from friends and family. Those dark clouds hang over you even though on most days the people around you wouldn’t know how bad you feel inside. Right now it may be hard for you to believe that you have the ability to improve your life; give therapy the opportunity to propel you in the direction of peace and well-being.


My approach:


During therapy we will:

  • formulate your goals together during the first session
  • calm your mind enough to see through the storm
  • re-discover how to use your strengths to make the changes you long for


If you feel ‘stuck,’ it is amazing to see how talking with a counselor can help you become more capable of handling difficult situations, emotions, and relationships. These issues, as well as many others, can be improved through counseling.