You Have Already Taken The First Steps

I am so glad you are wanting to improve your life! I am ready to connect with you and assist you in navigating this stressful, sad, or confusing time in your life. Maybe you feel stuck and don’t know how to get rid of those feelings. Maybe your interactions with the people you are closest to leave you feeling frustrated. I have experience in helping people with issues such as depression, anxiety, family conflict, self-esteem, stress, and life-stage transitions. I enjoy teaching communication skills to help relationships improve. My clients are ready to do the mental work it takes to grow and during therapy they report back to me how they have tried to make positive changes in their life during the week. The benefits of therapy last a lifetime. You’ve made it through other tough stuff, now you’ve had the wisdom to reach out so that you can conquer the next hurdle in life. You will realize that taking care of your mind and emotions is important to your well-being, just like eating right and exercising are important.

What Is Therapy Like With Me? 

I will focus on nurturing a sense of hope inside of you. Sustained personal growth can result when you are able to work through challenges in a healthy way. Starting in the first session I will teach you strategies that will help you to begin helping yourself. In therapy, I try to ‘match your style,’ whether you need someone who is direct or you need someone who is gentle. I look forward to my next session with each of my clients. I spend time during the week planning for each of my clients and determining how to encourage them in their next session. Most of the time I go home at the end of the day feeling happy and excited because I have helped my clients in their growth/healing process! I will gladly answer any questions you have about counseling if you give me a call.

Options For Getting Started.

I have a limited number of evening and weekend appointments available as well as weekday. I provide secure online counseling if you prefer to have your sessions that way. Please note that I do not provide marital or pre-marital counseling. I am very well connected in Hot Springs, so if there is something I cannot help you with, I will do my best to find someone who can!